Halogen Free
LSOH Cables

Our range of LSOH wires

Our wide range of HFFR and LSOH cables includes:

  1. IMQ <HAR> approved LS0H cables (or LSOH), single-core ( H07Z-K, H05Z-K, H07Z-R ), multi-core ( H03Z1Z1-F, H03Z1Z1H2-F, H05Z1Z1-F, H05Z1Z1H2-F ) and for hard and outdoor usage ( H05BQ-F, H07BQ-F );
  2. General purpose LSOH wire: with enhanced flame and fire resistance: single (LSFR0H/HFFR) and multi-core cables (LSFROH/LSFR0H - HFRR/HFFR wires) & multi-core LiHH cables produced accordingly to VDE requirements;
  3. BS EN 50525 complied LS0H cables produced: single-core 6491-B/H07Z-R & multi-core 318-B LSZH/H05Z1Z1-F;
  4. Screened LSOH wires produced according to VDE requirements LiHCH;
  5. LSOH High temperature cables single & multi-core SI-TECHPRENE cables applicable for temperatures up to 125 °C, and the single and multi-core FZ1-105 °C and FZ1OZ1-105 °C cables jacketed and insulated with temperature enhanced M1 thermoplastic material;
  6. cULus approved multi-core LS0H cables (or LSOH) Style 20549 with TPU outer sheath and polypropylene insulation;
  7. Extra-flexible LS0H cables that are strongly recommended where a good flexibility is requested up to low temperature.

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