Halogen Free
LSOH Cables

What does halogen free cables mean?

The halogen free materials, LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), LS0H or LSOH how are frequently named, are all the thermoplastic or elastomer compounds that can be used for the production of insulation and outer sheath of cables and that doesn't contain any element of halogen group (mainly, chlorine, bromine, and fluorine), except for very low impurities.

All halogenated materials during the fires and at high temperatures, can develop dense, toxic and acid fumes and smokes with huge quantities of hydrochloric, hydrofluoric or hydrogen bromide acids that are highly aggressive and very dangerous for the human health. For this reasons, recently more and more customers are addressing themselves towards the use of halogen free cables that can meet the requirements of specific EU regulations or can be approved by a Certification Body.

Halogen free cables sample
Salcavi industries

Is the name of the three companies held by the Sebastiani family (SALCAVI SPA, SALCAVI TECHNIC SPA e ROPLAST SRL) use jointly on the market.

Salcavi is a manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of cables with more than 30 years experience on halogen-free wires and its own range of LSOH products increased more and more during the years.

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