Halogen Free
LSHF Cables

Where the use of low smoke halogen-free (LSHF) wires is recommended?

The above properties are especially important in all environments where, during the development of a fire, the people could be forced to take refuge in a confined space that could be not close to possible escape routes.
Some low smoke cables have an enhanced resistance to high temperature and flame or fire in order to delay the emission of smokes caused by burning and decomposition of materials.

These LSFROH (Low Smoke Flame Retardant O-zero Halogen) / HFFR (Halogen-Free Flame Retardant) cables are strongly recommended whereas the flame or fire-resistance is requested together with reduced emission of smoke and fumes during the development of fire.
Low smoke cables are suitable for indoor general wiring in public areas, as supply lead within cinemas, hospital, airport, vehicles for public transport, ships and as power or control cables for installation where fire, smoke emission and toxic fumes create a real danger for public safety.

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